This is a fun - free site I found where you can turn your picture into a romance novel cover. Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary, wedding gift or just for that special person you've been dating.
If  you've ever dreamed of being on the cover of a Harlequin Romance Novel, this
is  as close as you're likely to get.
Just Published - my latest novella Broadway Dreams - A Powerful New York City Romance.

This is a story of Kelly, a Midwestern girl who was great in acting class and  high school plays.  She had bigger dreams than her small town offered and decided she was better off taking a chance and giving her Broadway dreams a shot. With the reluctant blessing of her family, Kelly took the great leap of moving to New York City. Kelly worked as a bartender at a hole in the wall waterside bar to pay for NYC acting classes.

One day in walks handsome and rich Chase, and her life was never the same.  He falls in love with her however she feels uncomfortable since  he is from a prominent family
and she thinks he is above her league.  They enter into a powerful relationship with many ups and downs.

Will she find true love with Chase ?
Will her Broadway dreams come true ?
Will she give up and move back home ?

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From time to time I would like to share a video from movies or TV that I think is hot and romantic. I can't think of a better place to start than Bella and Jacob Bleeding Love. I think Taylor Lautner is as hot as it gets and Leona Lewis does such a great job in Bleeding Love that I am sure you will enjoy this Twilight delight.


I love the romantic elements of how people fall in love, stay in love, fall out of love and find love again. I love how the characters come alive from my imagination and daydreams. I breath life into the story line and the characters breath life back to the readers. I am deeply tied to the stories I create and I enjoy the feedback my readers share with me after reading one of my novels.

I love to read romance novels, this is why I write about romance with passion and drama. I think I must be in love with love and this is my way of experiencing it over and over. We all love to dream and relate to heroes and heroines as they face drama and conflicts just as we do.

Long live the romantic novel – sometimes we just need to get away. If we can't afford a romantic trip to special place, never fear, the experience is available through a good novel – Long live the romantic novel.